Just added!

Today I have added two very important elements  – Discussion Guidelines (see sub-menu under Rotating Leadership), and Responding to Critical Reflection (see sub-menu under Conflict Transformation).  Both of these topics point to the vital roles and responsibilities of women-talking3-300pgroup members!  The process of Peace & Power depends on every person in the group, not the designated leaders alone.  In traditional groups, we have learned to depend on the group leader to “manage” the discussion and to keep “order” when an issue arises in the group.  In Peace & Power, it is your responsibility as a member of the group to do your part in creating constructive discussions, and in creating constructive responses when an issue arises.  So check out these two new pages!  And please leave your comments for discussion here!  I will respond!

Let the conversation begin!

Today I  received a comment on my personal blog in response to a post about this blog!  I appreciated the person’s comments for a number of reasons.  I am not repeating the content of the comments here, because it was not the content of the comments that were significant for me, but instead, my own reaction to them, and what I came away with once I reflected on both the comment and my reaction.  The comment brought into discussion dreamsharp focus the opportunity that this blog offers to “model” processes of peace and power!

First, there was the issue that the person commented as an anonymous person.  In the context of Peace and Power, the “power of responsibility” is highly valued. One of my first reactions to the comment was that I would not respond at all, given the anonymity of the person who was commenting.  However, I do realize that on the Web anonymity is sometimes highly desirable, perhaps even necessary (although it still annoys me immensely!).  And for some people (perhaps celebrities for example) they might need a “cover” to protect their privacy. Still, for this blog and discussions around the challenges we face in creating “peace and power” I feel strongly about Continue reading “Let the conversation begin!”