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“Peace and Power” is a way of working together with other people equitably and cooperatively – ways that nurture each individual, strengthen group solidarity, and that open the door for dealing with conflict in a context of peace and love.  This process has been used in many groups world-wide – volunteer community groups, formal classrooms, committees, activist groups, and even in families!  The process seems simple (and it is) but it is also very hard, because it challenges so many competitive and divisive ways we have all practiced for years. But in the context of a group of people who come together with the intent to change toward “Peace and Power,” it is a rewarding experience that becomes more and more “easy” as you go along!

This web site provides the basic principles and processes upon which action in a group is built.  The pages of this site provide an online “handbook” companion to the 8th Edition of the book Peace and Power: New Directions for Building Community“. This web site also provides a resource that the book alone cannot provide: discussion and interaction!  The blog page is where you can see messages related to recent ideas of “Peace and Power”, and where you can comment freely on any of the ideas! You can also enter a comment or question on any of the pages, other readers can respond, and I will respond as well!


Everyone is welcome to participate in this blog conversation.  I intend to respond promptly, and will model values of “Peace & Power” in doing so.  In this spirit, I request that as a participant you consider the “power of responsibility” and respect the following guidelines:

  • Please identify yourself. 
  • Refrain from harmful flaming or name-calling. Negative feelings and thoughts are welcome as long as they are expressed without harming others.
  • If you have a criticism (which is also welcomed here!) focus on also sharing alternative possibilities to consider.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to Peace & Power

  1. Peggy, it is such a pleasure to anticipate your keynote at the 36th Annual Conference of the International Association for Human Caring, May 20-23, 2015 in New Orleans. As one in a series of weekly emails to IAHC members I would like to include the following comments based on my several readings of Peace and Power over the years: The power of a hurricane like Katrina is typically followed by an unexpected peace among chaos, not unlike the feeling one has after listening to, or reading the work of Peggy Chinn and the late Charlene Wheeler. Their gender balanced perspectives on traditional masculine perspectives of leadership are akin to the calm before, and after the storm. Hope you can join us…..etc. etc.

  2. Dear Peggy,
    Your book Peace and Power has been a staple in several classes I teach in our Peace and Conflict Studies program at the University of Manitoba, Canada. We have both Masters and PhD students – more than sixty over all, from all over the world. The book is so accessible and it sparks practitioner development as it practically supports an opening to a non-hierarchical way of working – and thinking. This is something different, exciting, and necessary especially at this level in the academy. The spirit of the book continues to influence the way that I try to work both in Canada and in Ukraine.

    • Thank you so much, Maureen! I am thrilled that the book and the process is being used in such an important way! I welcome any stories or anecdotes that you or the students would be wiling to post on this site!

  3. Dear Peggy, Greetings from the Land of the Midnight Sun, Aklavik, NWT, Canada.
    I am an outpost nurse who absolutely loves my work. I have always been a bit of a different sort with a different outlook on what nurses do and where the center of our practice should stem. My philosophies are not always in keeping with organizational structure/mandate or actual practice. I am not qualified as an academic learner, however feel innately rich in healing connection to client/co-healer/co-learner and community. I battle at times with balancing this with other philosophies.

    I had the pleasure and gift of meeting a teacher recently, who pointed me toward you and your blog. Her name is Jeddie R. I have taken many courses independently and separate from Nursing Degree courses/program as I felt a disconnect in what I was reading. I chose courses or learning experiences that benefited or enhanced the path of what I heard the community saying they want/need. It was both externally (community) and internally (self) motivated. I have avoided doing my BSCN degree for these reasons and some financial (I support other people). I found myself drawn, really drawn to Adult Education courses. I have such passion about learning with and co-learning in my nursing work. I get great feedback and people keep telling me they want more of the same…but more.

    I happened across this course in Adult Education Learning Theory with Aurora College – Yellowknife, in which Jeddie is the facilitator. I am so glad I took this course and feel it resonating in my soul that this is the avenue I wish to walk in order to return into the area of nursing and healing. I have known for sometime that I want to use my innate gifts/qualities and passions to collaborate with people/communities in their own health care. I want to be able to support what I feel/believe with qualifications and growth that give this legitimacy and support.

    I have cited “Peace and Power” before as I read a few things on line. I am just about to get my very first book. I have heard your name and about your teachings/wisdom and experiences and the journey they are taking others…..walking side by side even if across the world. I am inspired. Jeddie R through the course has acknowledged and supported these thoughts of mine and it is now spurring me on to go for it.

    I am going to be on a path, that I have felt coming for a very long time, but now with much more focus. I fully believe that your work/wisdom/learning and path are going to be a big part of mine…..So, I thank you in advance. I am starting with your blog.

    Wish you and everyone involved in this blog, Hope, Health and Happiness.
    Samantha Kerr

    • Thank you so very much for sharing your story here! Your work sounds wonderful, and how terrific it is to connect in this way. Please do stay in touch .. and contribute your experiences and insights about this process on any of the pages of this site .. Thank you so much for “being” here! Peggy

      • Thank you, Peggy. I will indeed share some of my thoughts as I learn more about the process and practice implementing it in various aspects of life. Sam

  4. Dear Peggy, I have been working on teaching undergraduate midwifery students how to work more effectively and peacefully in teams (when doing academic assignments). We use a process of teaching basic teamwork skills and having a detailed rubric for peer feedback. I know you are very busy but I would truly value or critique of the rubric. Is that possible? By survey or phone call?

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  6. Dear Peggy, I was first introduced to your book by Professor Judy Lumby who was at Sydney Uni at the time. I was hooked from the beginning. I used Peace and Power to guide me and others in setting up a Women’s Domestic Violence Service. I have used these principles (and variations to fit into the organisation) in my work as an academic leader in nursing and midwifery. Most recently I have used your book to teach students about group processes for teamwork assignments and it is going really well. Thank you. You have long been an inspiration to me.

    Best wishes,

    Kathleen Fahy
    Professor of Midwifery
    Southern Cross University, Australia

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