2018 Handbook: PEACE

PEACE is both intention and outcome.  It is what the group hopes for, seeks, and in practice what they experience as they work together.  The word PEACE is an acronym that highlights its meanings for this group process:






  • Praxis brings together knowing and doing.  It is consciousness and mindfulness that shapes actions to be consistent with one’s ideals and values. In the 8th edition of the  book, praxis is defined as “thoughtful reflection and action that occur in synchrony, in the direction of transforming the world” (p. 10)
  • Empowerment means nurturing each person’s abilities and strengths in the context of respect for everyone in the community
  • Awareness means active searching for deep meanings beyond the surface, using a lens that is deliberately committed to values of Peace and Power
  • Cooperation means actions that are shaped by commitments to group solidarity while integrating the range of diversity that exists in the group.
  • Evolvement means embracing growth and change for all individuals and the group.
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