Creating Peace

A Dozen and One Things You Can Do to Create World Peace

In the  “Prologue” of “Peace and Power” I have provided a list of things that everyone can begin to do to create peace on earth!  This list originated from discussions that Charlene and I had with many of our friends and colleagues at the time the U.S. waged the first “Gulf” war.  We yearned for peace, not only world-wide but in our own homes and work environments.  We came up with this list to remind and inspire all of us that daily, our actions indeed do influence the potential for peace

1. Plant and nurture something that grows. 

2. Practice the fine art of yielding—in your car, in conversation, etc. 

3. Become active in a group that works on principles of cooperation, on principles of Peace and Power. 

4. Fill your home, work, and commuting environments with visual and auditory images of peace and tranquility. 

5. Do at least one thing to simplify your life and reduce your consumption of disposable products. 

6. Do at least one thing to reduce your consumption of natural resources. 

7. Move toward a vegetarian diet. 

8. Learn and practice some form of meditation. 

9. Learn and practice ways to reduce hostile interactions with others. 

10. Exchange gentle forms of touch regularly. 

11. Express appreciation to at least one individual or group every day. 

12. Help three children learn three things on this list. 

13. Pass this list along to someone else.

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