“Peace and Power” theory published in Journal of Nursing Scholarship!

Just published!  

Peace and Power: A Theory of Emancipatory Group Process

by Peggy L. Chinn RN, PhD, FAAN and Adeline Falk-Rafael RN, PhD, FAAN

In this article, Adeline and I explain the theoretical framework that has evolved from our experiences with Peace and Power. Here is the citation!  

Chinn, P. L. and Falk-Rafael, A. (2014), Peace and Power: A Theory of Emancipatory Group Process. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. doi: 10.1111/jnu.12101

Just added!

Today I have added two very important elements  – Discussion Guidelines (see sub-menu under Rotating Leadership), and Responding to Critical Reflection (see sub-menu under Conflict Transformation).  Both of these topics point to the vital roles and responsibilities of women-talking3-300pgroup members!  The process of Peace & Power depends on every person in the group, not the designated leaders alone.  In traditional groups, we have learned to depend on the group leader to “manage” the discussion and to keep “order” when an issue arises in the group.  In Peace & Power, it is your responsibility as a member of the group to do your part in creating constructive discussions, and in creating constructive responses when an issue arises.  So check out these two new pages!  And please leave your comments for discussion here!  I will respond!

Two new pages filled in … Making the commitment, and Principles of Solidarity

These two pages provide a guideline for groups that are considering “Peace and Power” as a basis for working together, “Peace and Power” processes seem so appealing at first, but they are not at all easy to actually put into practice.  If, as a group, you take some time to prepare by discussing the kind of commitment that you are all making, you will be muchSunset over Pacific better able to address some of the challenges you may encounter.  Your Principles of Solidarity are vital to your success, so review the information on the “Principles” page and take the time to get off to a good start!  Most important, post your comments, questions and ideas … we can have a virtual discussion any time!

“Concepts” page

The first page I have developed for this blog site is the “Concepts” page, which provides a nutshell explanation of the meanings of the concepts of “PEACE” and “Power” in relation to the group process that we call “Peace and Power.”

candle1I am quite excited about the imagery of a burning candle as symbolic of the unity that is “Peace and Power.”  Does this make sense to you as you think about the ideas?

Visit the Concepts page and comment here with your feedback and ideas.  If you have had an experience that come to mind as you think about these ideas, tell us about it here!


Peace & Power joins the social media age!

Yes today is the day that I am bringing Peace and Power to the world of social media!  sunmoonThere is much more to come … including pages that give a brief snippet of each part of the process of Peace and Power.  But the most important feature Continue reading “Peace & Power joins the social media age!”