In the print edition of “Peace and Power” we provided some background as to how this book came about, and also addressed some of the reasons we believe that the process of Peace and Power is so important in our world today.  Now that we humans everywhere face the very real threats major global catastrophes related to human-caused climate change, I believe that this process has never been so significant – addressing the challenges we face requires genuine and real cooperation, real peace-making – to even begin to address the challenges we face.

Charlene and I developed a list for the prologue that extended the implications of “Peace and Power” beyond the confines of local group interactions – and I am including that list here to remind us all that as just one person, we can do important things to change the world!

A Dozen and One Important Things You Can Do To Create Peace On Earth!  
  1. Plant and Nurture something that grows
  2. Prace the fine art of yielding – in your car, in conversation, etc.
  3. Become active in a group that works on principles of cooperation, on principles of Peace and Power
  4. Fill your home work and commuting environments with visual and auditory images of peace and transquility
  5. Do at least one thing to simplify your life and reduce your consumption of disposable products
  6. Do at least one thing to reduce your consumption of natural resources
  7. Move toward a vegetarian diet.
  8. Learn and practice some form of meditation.
  9. Learn and Practice ways to reduce hostile interactions with others
  10. Exchange gentle forms of touch regularly.
  11. Express appreciation to at least one individual or group every day.
  12. Help three children learn three things on this list
  13. Pass this list along to someone else!
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